Writers: Come One, Come All

Twin Cities Writing Studio brings together a community of female writers of all ages and abilities.

Whether you still squirm at the thought of calling yourself a writer or are an accomplished author with a library of published works, the Twin Cities Writing Studio can provide the rare opportunity to gather among women writers in a supportive environment. “Writing can be a lonely profession, and I wanted to create a sense of community for writers where they can gather to create, explore and be inspired by one another,” says owner Julie Burton.

Burton and co-founder Nina Badzin lead weekly two-hour workshops that may feature an excerpt with discussion of style and technique, followed by time for free writing and a chance to get feedback. Burton says that there are plans to add more topic-specific classes by the end of the year, led by local writers and teachers.

“Joining the TC Writing Studio can be and has been life-changing for women,” says Burton. “Friendships are developed, writing voices are strengthened and the support of this community has helped women gain the courage necessary to put their thoughts on paper and share them with others.”