Urban Tails Pet Supply is Stocked with Perfect Pet Gifts

Urban Tails, charming pet supply store, stocks up on holiday gifts for your furry friend.
Some of the holiday pet toys the store will offer in December.

You may have passed the charming brick building on Lyndale Avenue in Uptown many times. Or maybe you’re a loyal customer at Urban Tails Pet Supply. No matter what, if you’re a Minneapolis pet owner, I can’t imagine a much better place to get wonderful  supplies for your furry friend this holiday season.
The store, lovingly owned and maintained by Barry and Colleen Flamm, opened its doors in 2013 and has been thriving ever since. I spoke with Cecelia Findorff, one of the store’s managers, to learn a bit more about what makes Urban Tails so great. For starters, the store is a “micro independent,” meaning the employees and owners are the ones with the input and decision-making power in this business. And as Findorff says, “[They] are a group of people who are truly committed to the health and happiness of your pets.” The store is also a one-stop shop, offering professional dog training, $10 clinics once per month for nail trims and other quick care options, and events throughout the year.
When it comes to the holidays, Findorff says people really do buy Christmas and other holiday gifts for their pets. People tend to spoil their pets throughout the year, but Findorff says she has many customers who come in to “buy their pets the best chews or treats” specifically as holiday gifts. The store also stocks up on bigger and more splurge-worthy pet products during this time of year. Make your pet’s Christmas extra special this year with gifts like durable plush toys from Huggle Hounds, Yeowww Catnip toys and more.