Tips from St. Louis Park Life Coach Freda Marver

St. Louis Park life coach suggests steps for following a new path.
Life coach Freda Marver counsels clients looking to make a change.

It’s a new season: Are you contemplating a change? Freda Marver, owner of Begin Again Coaching in St. Louis Park, offers these tips to help you take those first steps. 1. Acknowledge your feelings. “Career exploration can be invigorating and scary, but it’s OK not to know where you’re heading,” Marver says.2. Quiet doubt. Give yourself permission to dream. 3. “The good and bad news is the same: Change won’t happen overnight,” she says. Take time to weigh options and make a plan. 4. What is the nature of your dissatisfaction? Are you in the wrong field, is the environment physically unpleasant or do you dislike your boss? Identifying problems leads to solutions.5. Talk it over. “Explore it in a way that’s nonjudgmental,” Marver advises. “A good professional won’t tell you what to do, but will help you figure out what will work best.” For more advice on career transition and self-discovery, visit Freda Marver’s website.