Take a Food Tour of City South

We're rounding up some of our favorite local spots to grab breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between!


Sweet Stop: Start your day of specialty eats with a delicious Glam Doll donut.

Start your indulgent day of fabulous eats at local specialty shops with a trip to Glam Doll Donuts. Conveniently located in the Whittier neighborhood, this Minneapolis-famous stop boasts creative and beautiful donuts that taste even better than they look. Glam Doll’s special orders liaison Amanda Bergeron-Manzone says the most popular offerings among customers are “the Calendar Girl, Femme Fatale, Cloud Nine, the Misfit, and of course—the Bellybomb mac and cheese donut.” Yes, that’s right—they offer a mac and cheese donut. The staff also favors other delicious flavors, like the Varga Girl and the Night Moves, among others. Need a pick-me-up to go with your donut? The shop offers a full range of Intelligentsia coffee options to fuel your morning donut run.

The vintage-style shop was founded in 2012 by longtime friends Teresa and Arwin. They opened a second location in 2016. All of this creativity and deliciousness has garnered them lots of sweet, decadent success. And their great location doesn’t hurt. Says Bergeron-Manzone, “The Whittier neighborhood is really the perfect location. There is an excellent sense of community there, and that is very important to the whole Glam Doll family.”


Sandwiches and Sweets: Stop at Patisserie 46 next for lunch.

Head to the quaint Patisserie 46 in Tangletown for a delicious specialty lunch. They offer everything from classics like a ham and cheese baguette to specialty sandwiches, soups, salads, egg dishes and even tacos from time to time. John Kraus, chef and owner, says every lunch item is made better because of the homemade bread the bakery produces. And save a little room for one of Kraus’ gorgeous pastries. He says many of them take about three days to make, from start to finish. But they’re all worth it. He recommends the canelé, probably “the most unassuming thing in the case,” he says, but possibly also the most delicious: a “custardy, crispy caramelized rum cake,” says Kraus.

Kraus says the “crux of it all” is the neighborhood. Neighborhood bakeries need the support of their community, and he’s got plenty of local support in Tangletown.


Afternoon Sip: Spyhouse Coffee provides a quiet oasis and excellent coffee.

South Minneapolis is host to two of the five charming and cozy locations of Spyhouse Coffee, for meetings, quiet workspace and a great cup of coffee or tea. They select coffees for a wide range of taste and caffeine preferences, selling their internationally sourced coffee products with free shipping, as well. No reason not to bring home a bag of beans from Kenya, Honduras or a host of other global locations! Stop for an afternoon pick-me-up on your day of specialty eats, and get energized for more delicious offerings from the City South area.


Meat Mania: Next stop Lowry Hill Meats, your neighborhood butcher shop.

For the dinner on your tour of specialty foods, check out Lowry Hill Meats for some delicious meat offerings. The store prides itself on being your neighborhood butcher shop, with an emphasis on local and quality. Erik Sather, co-owner of Lowry Hill Meats, says one of the main benefits of buying meat through them is you know the source of the meat and that it’s free from antibiotics and hormones. They focus on the Minn.-raised basics, including pastured beef, heritage pork, chicken, duck, lamb, goat and more. Among their most popular items, Sather cites the dry-aged beef and house-made sausages. In addition to their wide range of meat options you can take home to cook for dinner, they also have a sandwich menu, and they source charcuterie from Red Table in Northeast and Underground Meats in Madison. You can also take a class or stop by for their monthly meat share. The options are endless at this South Minneapolis institution, which Sather says draws a “nice mix of people” from the nearby neighborhoods.


Sweet Stuff: For your last stop, enjoy decadent chocolates from Droolin’ Moose.

Looking for a sweet treat to end your delicious day? You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Head to Droolin’ Moose in St. Louis Park for one of 30 options to satisfy any chocolate lover. Missy Wettstrom and Amy Bustos, co-owners, describe themselves as “sisters by nature, business partners by choice.” Together they’ve opened three Droolin’ Moose locations. They love the St. Louis Park spot, they say, for its convenient address in the always-popular Miracle Mile Shopping Center.

They source their chocolate goodies from only the best U.S. manufacturers and do all of their packaging and designing in-house. Ready to drool? Among their most popular items are Malted Milk Boulders, Salty Bogs (milk chocolate covered salted caramels) and Toffee Timber (toffee coated in salted dark chocolate). And Wettstrom’s current fav? The Mud Puddle, a toasted coconut and dark chocolate confection that’ll rock your world.