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Review: The Park’s best gluten-free foods

May is national Celiac Awareness Month; one of 141 Americans has celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder triggered by gluten. However, many others are opting for gluten-free (GF) diets to help them feel healthier. This month, we have chosen six delicious offerings from local restaurants that seek to make something for everyone to enjoy. We’ve included delicious entrées, desserts and even pizza. Stop by these restaurants and experience how delicious gluten free can be. Read more about Review: The Park’s best gluten-free foods

Review: Enticing Spring Flavors around St. Louis Park

“Seasonal” is getting pretty tired as a culinary buzzword. The idea of seasonal food is really nothing new. In the fabled “back then,” people had no choice but to eat seasonally, because what was in season was the only thing available. It is old wisdom repackaged as a brilliant new trend. No matter—seasonal eating means food at its freshest, and food whose production and consumption most likely supports the people who live in our community. All the better for our farms and families, not to mention our taste buds. Read more about Review: Enticing Spring Flavors around St. Louis Park

A St. Louis Park Twist on Fast Food

It’s not easy to find authentic and unique fast food; this challenge was Yamah Sadozai’s inspiration for opening Ariana Kabob and Gyro Bistro, a restaurant featuring one-of-a-kind recipes and home cooking at a fast-food pace. “We try to bring a casual dining service, but we serve fine food,” Sadozai says. “It’s not your average fast food.” Read more about A St. Louis Park Twist on Fast Food

Sweet St. Louis Park Treats for your Valentine

As the great Tom Jones sang, “It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone …” We believe it’s not unusual to think outside the sugar box when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, so we’ve collected some not-so-traditional treats just as deserving of love as a box of chocolates. This year, kick aside the clichés and show your date that you have the edge when it comes to unusual sweets. After all, love is anything but ordinary.    Read more about Sweet St. Louis Park Treats for your Valentine

Jersey Mike’s and Urban Sub in SLP

The Store—Jersey Mike’s
The Jersey Mike’s franchise has a long history; the first one launched in New Jersey in 1956. The newest member of Minnesota’s Jersey Mike’s family—No. 7—opened in St. Louis Park in August 2013. All Jersey Mike’s locations make sandwiches in the tradition that made them a success. “Every Jersey Mike’s sub is made to order, fresh-sliced or fresh-grilled for each customer,” says co-owner Michael McGuire, “just like they were 57 years ago.”
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Beek’s Pizza in The Park

Ever since it opened in 1957, Beek’s Pizza has been the place to go for great local pizza. Owner Mari Anderson thinks Beek’s success lies in its commitment to tradition. “Beek’s is richly steeped in the traditions and memories of our customers,” says Anderson, “It’s in the same location it has always been. People come back to the Park and we’re still here.”
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Indulgence Without Regret

Another new year is upon us, and with it comes another shot at losing those last15 pounds. We all know diet and exercise work in tandem to create a healthy individual. Tohelp keep the diet half of the bargain, we asked chefs from six St. Louis Park restaurants to share their favorite healthy dishes. These vegan, gluten-free and traditional dishes offer a healthy alternative for dining out and are so fresh you’ll never want to see another Big Mac.

Sunrise Stir Fry Read more about Indulgence Without Regret

Home Entertaining with help from St. Louis Park Eateries

’Tis the season to be eating, fa la la la la . . . wait, does that mean it’s also the season to be cooking? Not necessarily. The Park is graced with eateries that can seamlessly meld with your home entertainment plans; local spots offer delicious comestibles that you can incorporate into any of your own holiday plans, in any way that strikes you. Here are some delectable ideas to get you in the mood without breaking into a sweat.

Holiday Party Potluck: MEAT LASAGNA

Vescio’s Read more about Home Entertaining with help from St. Louis Park Eateries

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