Organic Gardening and Backyard Chickens: Book Picks from Magers & Quinn

My Pet Chicken Handbook and Gaia's Garden

For our gardening and pets issue, Christine Utz of Magers & Quinn’s sales and outreach team offers book recommendations for those who want to learn more about permaculture and organic gardening, and for aspiring raisers of backyard chickens.

Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture by Toby Hemenway. Chelsea Green Publishing, 2009. Read more about Organic Gardening and Backyard Chickens: Book Picks from Magers & Quinn

Where Puppies Play

With canine companions becoming an ever more important part of people’s lives, doggie daycares are a growing enterprise. We spoke with the owners of three local doggie daycares and learned about what makes their dog and human customers love them. Read more about Where Puppies Play


Zelda at the Wheel

Thirteen-year-old Zelda spends her days watching deer in the yard and going on walks with her family. This St. Louis Park resident is a golden retriever-terrier mix who is not a trained acting dog. In fact, neither Zelda nor her partner and friend Olive were trained in any way for the roles they were given. Then again, how does one train a dog to drive a car? Read more about Zelda at the Wheel


City Cat Clinic is a Favorite Among SLP Cat-lovers

Let’s face it, cats definitely have minds of their own, and you’ll get mixed results at best if you attempt to play fetch with your cat or try training her to come when you call. But if you have an opening in your home for a professional sunbather or fleece blanket-kneader, then go ahead, put a little catnip on your welcome mat and wait for a soft paw to come kneading—or, that is, knocking. Read more about City Cat Clinic is a Favorite Among SLP Cat-lovers


Jingle Dogs: Holiday Tips for Your Pooch

Bright lights, shiny decorations and lots of company can be stressful for your dog. Here are some tips to help make the holidays more joyful for both of you.

+If you’re leaving your dog behind, make boarding or doggy hotel reservations well in advance. If your facility offers doggy daycare, bring your pet a few times before your trip so he can get accustomed, and leave a few items that will remind him of home.

+Plan ahead for grooming; most shops fill up quickly before the holidays.

+Place candles out of tail’s reach! Read more about Jingle Dogs: Holiday Tips for Your Pooch

Pooches in the Park

Dog-lovers, rejoice: We have a plethora of pet-friendly shops and businesses here in St. Louis Park. Before winter arrives for good, take your four-legged pals on an outing designed just for them.

Start your morning at Starbucks. While you can’t bring your pooch inside, there’s plenty of patio seating. Along with a latte or mocha for you, be sure to order a puppuccino for Fifi. Read more about Pooches in the Park



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