Get Your Horror On

The Twenty Days of Turin by Giorgio De Maria, 2017

This mesmerizing work of literary horror creates a growing sense of cosmic menace during a series of bizarre deaths.  (First English translation of 1977 Italian classic.)
Nightmares : A New Decade of Modern Horror
edited by Ellen Datlow, 2016

As 24 of the best horror stories from 2005-15, these tales represent the breadth of horror from psychologically chilling to all-out terrifying. A great representation of what readers can expect from horror today. Read more about Get Your Horror On


Kate Anne Kang’s Memoir Considers the Biological Memory of Food

It’s not a comfortable topic, this notion of adoption as loss. And in Minnesota, where more Korean kids have been adopted than in any other state, it may be particularly uncomfortable. Kate Anne Kang—the pen name of long-time St. Louis Park resident Kate Gjerde, who has written a memoir about her adoption experience called Given Away—was adopted from South Korea when she was six years old. Her biological mother put her on the plane. Gjerde never knew she had an older brother, one who survived, and even thrived. Read more about Kate Anne Kang’s Memoir Considers the Biological Memory of Food


These Independent Bookstores Are Going Strong

Once Upon a Crime

Uptown’s Once Upon a Crime indie mystery bookshop might have closed last year if Devin Abraham and her parents hadn’t taken it over.

“It’s not the most profitable thing in the world,” Devin says of owning a bookshop. But her father, Dennis, wanted to open a small business and had frequented the mystery seller to pick up Craig Johnson novels. Hearing of its imminent closure, he and his wife asked lifelong reader Devin whether she would run it if they purchased it. Read more about These Independent Bookstores Are Going Strong


The Keys to Happiness

Tom Glaser has literally written the book on the secret to happiness, which, ironically, was born during the unhappiest period of his adult life. Leaving his dream job and in pursuit of a new source of fulfillment, Glaser decided to turn outward. The result is Full Heart Living: Conversations with the Happiest People I Know. Read more about The Keys to Happiness



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