Standout Scholars: Groves Academy's Lily Erickson is the Only Girl on the Trap Team

Groves Academy senior Lily Erickson, a 2019 Standout Scholar.
Groves Academy senior Lily Erickson is involved in just about any extracurricular you can think of.

Lily Erickson
Groves Academy

What have been the highlights of your academic career so far?
I’ve been on student council and have done a lot of extracurriculars. I’ve been in all the school plays. I’m on the track team—I do trap shooting [with clay pigeons]. I’m the only girl on the trap team.

How long have you been at Groves? 
Since seventh grade.

What are your thoughts about what you’ll do after graduation?
I’ll probably go to a private college, maybe like Augsburg—a smaller college in Minneapolis. I’m interested in biology, science, maybe nursing.

How did you get into the trap shooting?
My neighbor was watching me throw a softball and said, “You should try this!” We went out with him and I fell in love with it.

What have some of the challenges been in your academic career so far?
I have dysgraphia, dyslexia, all of the “dyses”, I like to say. Groves has really helped me with that.

Do you have any advice you’d give to students entering high school?
Keep focusing on your end goal. Take it step by step and don’t overwhelm yourself. Try to find what you love. When you find what you love, you’ll love to learn about it. 

What is something about you that people might be surprised to know?
I have a bearded dragon.

Who has inspired you to be the person that you are?
I love my art teacher— Becca Hanson. She’s younger but she has a lot of good insight, not just about school but about things like relationships. She’s someone to talk to. And I love art, so I love her class, too. I love drawing, photography, ceramics, any kind of art.

Any other academics that you like?
I like reading and class discussion. In English junior year we looked at big questions and dove deep into them. We read The Disappeared, about the dirty war in Argentina. We spent a month learning about the dirty war, and how historical fiction can help you understand more about history.

Do you work outside school?
I worked at camp Teko over the past four summers.

Who has inspired you to be the person you are?
My parents. I’m kind of a mix of them. I like seeing how they are successful in life and work through [any obstacles]. It’s cool to see how strong they are. I look up to them. 

Anything else?
Groves is a great school. The big thing for me is the confidence it gave me, and the insight I have about myself now and knowing what I need to succeed.