Standout Scholar: Amelia Backes

High school senior Amelia Backes has big plans for herself and the world.

High school is often seen as a time to explore new things, a place where young adults can learn about who they are. Benilde-St. Margaret’s High School senior Amelia Backes has done that and more, from swimming to RoboCup to jazz band. “Whether it be alpine [skiing] or National Art Honor Society, I like doing these things so I take advantage of the opportunities that I have,” she says.

Backes’ well-rounded extracurricular activities reflect on her passion for school. “Asking me my favorite subject in school is a little like asking me to pick a favorite color; I really like a lot of them,” she says. As great as lots of interests are, Backes says it makes choosing a major for after graduation difficult.

But Backes has ideas of her broader life goals. “I want to end up doing something I love, and hopefully be making the world a better place while doing it,” she says. “If I could make some groundbreaking scientific discovery, that would be awesome.” And Backes’ biggest goal? “I’d like to go to space,” she says.

For now, she’s staying on Earth and working hard at school. With all of her activities, it’s tough to imagine how she gets it all done. “As my mom always says, ‘you can do anything you want, you just can’t do it all.’ You need to prioritize and make the most of the time you have,” she explains.

When the schoolwork gets a little too overwhelming, Backes turns to art. “Painting and drawing is an excellent way of relaxing after a stressful week,” she says, joking that after the ACT she painted a lot.

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