St. Patrick’s Day Tips from Kip’s Irish Pub bartender Chad Soland

Kip’s Authentic Irish Pub veteran Chad Soland offers tips for a rousing good time on St. Patrick’s Day.
Chad Soland pouring one of his signature drinks, the Irish Headlock.

What’s it really like being a bartender on St. Patrick’s Day?

Both exciting and stressful. Most days at a bar you’ll have your rush times and your lulls, when you can get caught back up. Not on St. Pat’s. It’s go-go-go from the moment you arrive to the end of the night.

Any tips on how to have a good bar experience as a customer on St. Patty’s Day?

Be patient, be prepared, be polite. Know what you’re ordering, and understand that we’ll probably have a more limited bar selection than usual. Have your money or a tab card ready. Trust me, people who are ready and polite get helped first and fast, because we know we’ll be able to help the next person that much quicker.

Do you have any favorite St. Patrick’s Day drink recipes?

One of my favorite Irish-inspired cocktails is the Irish Headlock. Equal parts Bailey’s, Jameson, brandy and Amaretto, shaken and served over ice. But on St. Patty’s Day, the craic is what matters, not what you’re drinking.


Craic is an Irish word for fun and enjoyment, usually mixed with alcohol and/or music. 

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