St. Louis Park’s Mary Schoessler Offers Coaching and Healing for Life’s Toughest Moments

St. Louis Park’s Mary Schoessler offers coaching and healing for life’s toughest moments.
Life coach Mary Schoessler helps clients release and reframe pain.

When life gets tough, it can be difficult to see how what’s happening now is shaping the future. It can be hard to look through the pain, trauma, sadness, anger or hurt and see the silver lining. But finding that joy, unearthing it and harnessing it, is what one St. Louis Park practitioner does.

Mary Schoessler, co-founder of Sacred Joy, is a certified life coach and specializes in energy healing and holistic health and well-being. She works with her clients to help them through whatever life has thrown or is throwing at them. Her practice is what she calls a “hybrid model,” combining life coaching and hands-on healing. Sessions with Schoessler can range in frequency and type—whether once a quarter for a coaching session, or once a week for a hands-on healing session to rebalance and find one’s center.

“My practice is really about helping people find their place, use their voice, make their mark in life, unleash their spirit and living and leaving the legacy,” she says. “When you get up every day, how are you contributing to your legacy? How is it we want to live our life?”

Schoessler says most of her clients have experienced enough pain to “know the richness of life.” In coaching and healing sessions, she helps them honor what has happened to them. By not discarding this, the goal is to get to the bottom of the pain so that it can be released and reframed with the lens of joy in all circumstances.

“A lot of people say, ‘Well, this pain isn’t important.’ But really it is because if it’s your pain and you’re still holding onto it, then what I do is help you honor that imprint on your heart and soul and then reframe it,” Schoessler says.

Liz Pangerl has been working with Schoessler since 2013. As someone who is entrepreneurial at heart and works in communications, she struggled to find her voice. Having moved from her comfort zone and culture as a Mexican-American, Pangerl was culture-shocked and lost some of her confidence. But with Schoessler’s help, she found her best self.

“I’ve been called unconventional and unorthodox,” Pangerl says. “And I always thought that was a negative, but [Mary] helped me turn that into a positive. She gave me permission to use my voice … it’s so much fun working with her. It’s not therapy, and you really leave feeling invigorated.”

Schoessler emphasizes as well that no matter how much a client may think that his or her life was changed by her practice, she simply functions as a facilitator. With the roots of a tree as a metaphor, she lives by five important principles – compassion, contemplation, generosity, gratitude and grace. And everyone she meets keeps her rooted.

“Every day I am the student of life,” she says. “Every day I get to honor and assist another person … every single person I meet brings me to that foundation.”

Mary Sacred Joy shares an office in the Shoppes at Knollwood, and accommodates the client’s schedule.