Blake Baratz, founder and owner of Institute for Athletes, outside of U.S. Bank Stadium

We associate professional sports with prestige and wealth, but we don’t usually think about the more mundane aspects of athletes’ lives—having to move to new cities, injuries, scrutiny by the media, contract negotiations and more.

Minnesota Twins, Target Field

Starting with the 2019 season, the price for stadium staples like hot dogs, pretzels and beer will drop to more affordable levels.

An E Sports athlete holds a gaming headset.

St. Louis Park jumps ahead of the crowd in the newest sports trend.

Lois Donnay didn’t grow up dancing. In fact, she only discovered her love of dance in her 30s. Despite being single and worrying she’d need a dance partner, her friend convinced her to try it and she had an amazing time from the start.

For local snowboarder Joe Sexton the transition from professional athlete to entrepreneur was a natural evolution.

Looking to burn off cabin fever? From karate and yoga for exercise to jiu jitsu for strength and balance control, there are plenty of offerings from these three Park studios.

Midwest Karate

In December 2013, the Golden Valley Phoenix Soccer Club and St. Louis Park Soccer Association merged to create a youth soccer club, Park Valley United FC, with innovative programming and plenty of league opportunities.

For most people, the word “Frisbee” conjures up an image of lazy summer afternoons: a green lawn, a graceful toss and the arc of the colorful disc through the air. It’s a casual game of catch in the backyard—or is it?

Looking for an inexpensive, social and versatile way to stay in shape this spring? Pickleball fits the bill.

Minnesotans take hockey pretty seriously—but tough competition isn’t a great fit for every kid. So this month, the St. Louis Park Recreation Center kicks off its annual instructional hockey program, Rink Rat Hockey.

Greg Kleven, a longtime sports journalist in St. Louis Park, is quick to offer a sincere compliment about former St.