Seasonal Styling

Darrin James Salon owner offers winter hair care tips.

Every so often, one of my clients tells me that their shampoo and conditioner has stopped working. “Well,” I say to them, “the products still work. Your hair feels different because it has changed.”

Just like your skin, hair changes for many different reasons. Among them is aging, stress and—especially here in Minnesota—weather. With winter just around the corner, the lack of humidity will definitely change the texture and shape of almost everyone’s hair. It will be screaming for moisture! Many of our clients in St. Louis Park with long, curly hair know how seasonal change means a change in products, and sometimes, in their styling routine.

If you are not already using a moisturizing and gentle shampoo and conditioner, you should start. Just make sure it’s color-safe. This will keep your color from fading quickly. Products that are moisturizing and gentle will make a noticeable change in how your hair looks and feels. All shampoos will clean hair, but using one that is too strong for your hair type will strip the life from it. Leave-in conditioners are a good idea to add to your routine, but they shouldn’t replace your rinse conditioner because they only protect the hair, not condition it.

When I’m asked, “What’s the best way to have healthy hair?” I say, “Leave it alone.” Any chance you get to avoid combs, brushes and hot tools, take it. I love styling hair, but you should give it a break sometimes. Healthy hair is beautiful hair. —Darrin Miernicki, owner of Darrin James Salon & Spa.