Revolution Salon stylist shares seasonal transition tips

Just as the all-black clothing look goes out of vogue come the end of January, so can your winter locks. Revolution Salon stylist and co-owner Sasha Zoghi says that with the onset of spring, clients are hungry for a change. Though you should always trust your own sense of style—“You have to go with what looks best on you”—Zoghi predicts some major spring trends.

Zoghi says spring hair will be all about shorter locks and fairer colors. “Major haircuts are going to happen in the spring,” she says, as well as lots of lightening. “We’re seeing all different shades of blond. We’re also seeing a lot of different artificial gray tones that will continue on in the spring.”

And for mastering that natural blond look or undoing winter dark shades, Zoghi recommends the balayage color method. “It’s a great way to make a subtle or big difference. It replicates what the sun does without being damaging. It looks very natural, soft, and almost sun-kissed.”

Remember to use high-quality products to reduce the frizziness that often comes with April showers.