Red Cow, City South's Best Restaurant, Adds Vegan Choices

The Veggie Love Burger, a vegan burger from Red Cow Uptown
Vegan choices make a great restaurant even better.

Red Cow Uptown was voted Best Restaurant in our Best of City South 2019 readers' choice survey.

Red Cow might sound like a dining destination for carnivores, and it still is. But happily for vegans and vegetarians, Red Cow has recently broadened its menu to include plant-based options for its vegetarian patrons.

When husband and wife duo Luke Shimp and Tracy Bachul opened their first Red Cow location in Minneapolis in 2013, their vision included wine and beef as the restaurant’s highlights. Since then, they have grown to include more locations, as well as expanding their menu.

“We want to be a restaurant where everyone in the family or all of your friends have something great to eat and [we want to] be more mindful of dietary restrictions and lifestyles,” says Red Cow marketing director Liz Bergquist. Bergquist says that while Red Cow previously had a good selection of vegetarian items, they wanted to be more inclusive and now offer vegan items.

Bergquist says the reaction has been positive all around. “We have received a lot of thanks and appreciation confirming it was what our guests and staff wanted,” says Bergquist.

As a long-time vegetarian, this writer recommends the Veggie Love burger, a curried chickpea burger with avocado salsa and sliced red cabbage. For vegetarians, the Wisconsin cheese curds are definitely worth a taste and always make a great pair with one of Red Cow’s craft beers.

Red Cow Uptown
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