Puustelli Power

Finnish cabinetry has arrived in Uptown.

North America’s first Puustelli (pronounced POO-stell-ee) showroom opened on July 31 in Uptown, Minneapolis. Puustelli is a leading Scandinavian kitchen brand based in Finland, offering kitchen and whole-home cabinetry solutions for new homes and remodels. The company has a reputation for the simplicity of Scandinavian design, high quality, extended warrantees and ecological sustainability. “Our vision,” says vice-president of North American sales and marketing Bjorn Freudenthal, is to “open this showroom and begin the rollout of the Puustelli brand to the top 20 markets in North America.”

Why Uptown? Starting as far back as 2015, “We looked at the 494/694 loop in search of the optimal showroom location,” explains Freudenthal. When a real estate agent showed them a property on the corner of James and Lake, “The building itself reflected our modern style,” says Freudenthal. With Uptown’s foot traffic, activity, density, proximity to downtown Minneapolis and 17,000 cars driving by the building every day, it was an easy choice for Puustelli.

Another question might be: Why Minnesota? “The Nordic heritage here is strong,” says Freudenthal, but the Puustelli president’s future wife, Anna, was an au pair in Minnesota when the first Puustelli kitchen in North America was delivered to her host family. “It may actually all be Anna’s fault,” says Freudenthal.