Picture City South: Capturing the Details

‘Rainbow Park’ serves up memories.
Second Place City Landmarks by Jo Davis

St. Louis Park resident Jo Davis’s photo Rainbows and Sunshine won 2nd place, City Landmarks, in the 2017 photo contest. She used a Nikon D750 camera with a Sigma 35mm art lens (ISO 500, f2.8, 1/4000.) Here’s what Jo has to tell us about taking the photo:

“As a mom, I rarely get alone time, but the morning I took the Rainbows and Sunshine picture both my husband and daughter were gone. I woke up a little lost as to what to do that morning! I decided to go for a walk and brought my camera because I thought it might be nice to challenge myself to take pictures of things other than my family. When my family is around, we often walk over to this park which is called Louisiana Oaks Park, but we refer to it as ‘rainbow park’ (I’m pretty sure my husband has no idea the real name of the park). Even though this picture doesn’t include my kid, it will always remind me of her childhood ... and reminds me to remember to capture the details of our lives.”

Coming up in August, the 2018 Picture City South photo contest submissions will be open. Stay tuned for details!