Picture City South: All Aboard!

Jo Davis wins in City South Magazine’s photo contest.
First Place City Landmarks by Jo Davis

It was the mural on the bus that captivated Jo Davis and her then-7-year-old daughter, Riley. “We wanted to explore it just a little more,” Davis says. Which is what they did, on a day last summer in Wolfe Park, St. Louis Park, while they waited to watch the Parktacular parade. Davis, a hobbyist photographer who works in education, shot the photo with a Nikon D750 full-frame DSLR.

She and Riley often make time for the Parktacular parade, says Jo, because Riley has a special affection for the candy thrown to spectators. (I told Davis I did not grow up in the Midwest and was actually quite enamored when I learned of the parade-watching/candy-receiving duality well into my 20s.) They have learned, says Davis, to avoid parade-watching seats near grates on the curb, for obvious reasons.

Davis has lived here much of her life, having moved away and come back several times, as is oddly—or perhaps not so oddly—common in this city. The last time she moved back, she says, she bought her childhood home from her father, where her family now lives happily, once again, in St. Louis Park.

By the way, Davis says she enjoys entering photos but wishes more people would participate. So do we! Keep taking those excellent photos, readers, and in August be ready to upload your best to citysouthmagazine.com. That’s all it takes to enter the 2018 Picture City South photo contest. Readers’ choice voting takes place in September. Winners in all categories will be announced in early October.