Picture City Lakes Winner Shows Off Spring at Bde Maka Ska

Two bicyclists ride around Bde Maka Ska at sunset on a spring day.
Bde Maka Ska is the backdrop for this early-spring photo.

Throughout the year on this page, we feature photos from our 2019 Picture City Lakes photo contest. This month, we asked photographer Aaron Shaffer to tell us about “Breeze On Your Shoulders,” which received first place in our People & Families category.

City Lakes Magazine: When and where did you take the photo?
Aaron Shaffer: This was taken on the south/southeast corner of Bde Maka Ska on an early spring evening, at sunset.

CLM: What kind of camera did you use?
AS: Interestingly, I usually use a DSLR for work/fun photography, but in this instance I used the superwide lens on my LG V20 phone.

CLM: What’s your favorite thing about the image?
AS: I was watching and admiring the sunset, getting ready to take a person-less photo, but saw a couple coming from the right and decided to wait a second. My wife and I both bike commute and enjoy it for fun, too, and this couple reminded me of us in a way. I really love a backlit photo, and being able to do that spur of the moment, and using a phone, made it even better.