Photos Rekindle Memories for the St. Louis Park High School Class of 1937

Dorothy Strate

We never know what wondrous things will come across the threshold of the St. Louis Park Historical Society, and these photos are excellent examples. In the photo above, say hello to Dorothy Strate, a member of the St. Louis Park High School class of 1937, as she pops through the roof of Lincoln School! The 1937 Echowan yearbook says that Strate was a singer, participating in glee club, operetta and oratorio. This wonderful photo was sent to us by the woman who took it all those years ago: Strate’s classmate Margaret Fornell (now Margaret Maunder). Maunder was voted “most talkative.”

Maunder is now 97 years old and lives in Massachusetts. She has led an amazing life after leaving St. Louis Park High School, working as a journalist and a foreign correspondent, and winning a Peabody Award.

Maunder also sent us photos of the area around the then-high school (now Central Community Center), which she took from the top of the park’s first water tower, shown in the photo. Climbing the water tower was one of the more entertaining things for kids to do in 1937. The water tower is long gone, but if you look closely, you can see the Central building in the background.

Many thanks to Margaret Maunder for saving these photos all these years and sharing them with those of us in St. Louis Park—present and future.

-Jeanne Andersen is a trustee on the board of the St. Louis Park Historical Society.

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