A concept plan for a new park in South Minneapolis at the Cepro site next to the Midtown Greenway.

Long operating as a green space, the Cepro site is now under the umbrella of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

Wayne McChesney says there are few things that still surprise him about landscaping; after over three decades in the business, he has pretty much seen it all.

As spring (finally) makes its way to Minnesota, more and more people start paying attention to the appearance of their lawns, dragging out lawnmowers and shears that have idled in the garage all winter. But when it comes to fertilizing, don’t get too carried away. The City of St.

Every spring, when the nights are still below freezing but the days are above 40 degrees, the sap in maple trees begins running, and Westwood Hills offers maple syrup classes to preschool kids, scouts, birthday parties, schools and the public.

Arbor Day isn’t until the end of April, but St. Louis Park residents who want to ring in spring by planting trees on their property are in luck. The city’s annual tree sale is back for the ninth year.

St. Louis Park has been working with Hennepin County on a potential funding opportunity called the Moving the Market program, designed to support and enhance employment and business development in and around the Southwest Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations.

Sure, we all know that trees give us lumber, paper and maple syrup, but Peter Hobart Elementary students are learning that trees also provide us with toothpaste, football helmets and, most importantly, air.

iMatterNow is an international network of youth with the goal of making the world a cleaner, greener place, one city at a time.

Statistics are extremely important to Sorenson neighborhood resident Lois Zander, who, as a special education teacher, has taught a lot of math over her 34-year career.

It was the old (and fortunately reconsidered) model of urban planning: natural features like water and wetlands were frequently modified or even eliminated for purposes of building and development. Many of the twists and turns of Minnehaha Creek as it flowed through St.

Since April, passers-by may have seen the construction commotion going on at 3700 Monterey Drive in St. Louis Park, the site for a future outdoor recreation facility. The St.