Optimize Your Outdoor Space with Landscape Love

An outdoor patio renovated by Landscape Love
Freshen up your space after a long winter with these tips.

As the weather slowly starts to get warmer after a brutally long Minnesota winter, everyone is itching to get outside and see the sun for the first time in months. Since snow into spring isn’t unheard of—remember last year’s late April snowstorm? —running around outside might not seem possible yet, but warmer days are just around the corner.

When the snow melts and the weather hits a balmy 50 degrees, you might recall those outdoor spaces you’ve been neglecting all winter. Rather than throwing in the towel early and deciding to just leave it be until it snows again, freshen up your space.

Landscaping isn’t everyone’s wheelhouse, which is why Minneapolis’ own Landscape Love has provided tips on how to make your outdoor space the best it can possibly be. Think about getting together with your family, or small gatherings with your friends during the summer. You’ll be thrilled you put in as much work as you did.

A Yard for Black Thumbs
An outdoor space can stand out from all the rest with unique landscaping choices, like your plants. If you’ve misplaced your green thumb over the winter, landscaper Michelle Kowalski says you aren’t doomed.

For a nice yard without the greenery, think about “intentional elevation changes…and custom details such as natural stone features…or one-of-a-kind bench, trellis or railing details,” Kowalski says. In other words, treat your outdoor space like you would any other part of your house. Make it your own, rather than finding the cheapest lawn furniture possible and calling it a day.

Flourishing Florals 
If gardening does appeal to you, Kowalski knows just what to do. “Here at Landscape Love, we always include contrast, height and texture when choosing our plantings. We tend to use a lot of chartreuse, deep pink, orange, purples and white," Kowalski says. Think about flowers like carnations but try to keep your garden exciting by using different heights of your plants.

When you’re planning your barbecue and not worrying about how your guests will react to your untouched backyard, you can rest easy. Instead, you’ll be receiving compliments all day about how good your garden looks.

The Perfect Patio 
“Our first choice in patio material is natural stone,” says Kowalski. “Orijin Stone in St. Louis Park provides us with a large selection of natural stone options.”

After your patio is just the way you’d like it, lights will have to be installed. With such a beautiful space, no one will ever want to leave. “We like to use lighting to transform the space at night. We tend to showcase key plantings and trees…or light up paths or walkways to appear more inviting,” Kowalski says.

For the gardeners who’ve worked hard on their gardens, don’t let it be overlooked. Use lighting as an effective way to show off the beautiful curation of flowers you’ve put together.

If readers are feeling a little overwhelmed by the possibilities they have with their yards, Landscape Love can help. Contact them with your ideas, or just tell them a little about your yard currently, and let the magic happen.

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