New St. Louis Park Company Brings Together a Digital and Staffing Agency While Partnering with a Local Non-profit

HI execs, from left: Jeremy Langevin Sabin Ephrem and Chris Staley

At one of St. Louis Park’s newest and fastest-growing companies, the name of the game is bringing a company’s digital, marketing and staffing elements together under one roof. And it’s a new roof in the West End of St. Louis Park.

Horizontal Integration was founded at the disconnect between the IT and digital development fields. It started first as a digital agency that brought big company brands online (think United Health Group’s careers website). Then, as the company continued to grow, a staffing agency was integrated with the digital side to help agencies find and employ the kinds of employees that Horizontal Integration was providing – those in information technology and creative fields.

Executive vice president of staffing Jeremy Langevin says a good way to think of the company is with an “our house or yours?” metaphor. The company itself has the ability to be hired for a project with its digital agency, but it also has the ability to give a company its resources and help find outstanding employees to do the job.

On both the digital and staffing side of Horizontal Integration, the client relies on having their needs met and having the finished product fill their own customers’ needs. “From the client perspective, they rely on us to fill their positions,” Langevin says. “And from the candidate perspective, it’s finding them opportunity.”

On the digital side, the goal is much the same. “Our goal is making sure our client’s customers’ needs are being met online,” says executive vice president of digital Chris Staley. “It’s figuring out what their customers need and what they are trying to accomplish.”

The company moved to St. Louis Park at the beginning of the year to accommodate its growth. The space they now occupy in the West End was completely gutted and redesigned into a place conducive to the kind of work done and the people employed, including alternative workspaces in the form of a kitchen, spacious lobby, coffee bar and more.

“Ultimately we looked at our end user needs, our employees,” Staley says. “We want to be where it’s easiest for our employees to access work, with everything they need close by.”

With their newly-designed space, Horizontal Integration also hosts and partners with the Minneapolis Chapter of Girl Develop It, a non-profit dedicated to providing programs and empowerment for women in the field of web and software development. The affordable classes they provide focus on front-end web development, including Wordpress and JavaScript courses.

“Their mission fits well with our company and it’s a great connection,” Staley says.

GDI Minneapolis chapter leader Kelsey Siqveland speaks highly of the recently-formed partnership. Calling it symbiotic, she says they help support and truly understand what the non-profit does.

“They understand that we’re here to recruit more women into this field,” Siqveland says. “It’s been a really good fit with both the recruitment and the development side … it’s been a great asset for the community.”

Horizontal Integration hosts some of GDI’s courses, and Siqveland also notes that some of the company’s employees on the staffing side have joined in on the classes to better learn about the industry for which they’re recruiting.

“They’ve been great, just awesome to work with,” she says. “It’s good to have those partnerships to build awareness of rising trends and support our mission.”