A New Read for November

Dori Weinstein releases the third book in her children’s series.

Local author Dori Weinstein has recently released the third book in her YaYa & YoYo children’s book series, Hoopla Under the Huppah. These chapter books follow twins Ellie (YaYa) and Joel (YoYo) Silver as they go through various adventures throughout the year, with each book switching which twin is narrating.  

Weinstein came up with the idea to write this series when she was on the hunt for books her own children would enjoy. “I was looking for books like this that were contemporary, that had Jewish themes and characters,” she says, adding many of the books she was coming across were historical fiction or stories not set in today’s world. She says her goal was to create something that teaches Jewish traditions and ways of life without being “too preachy.” She also wanted something modern and relatable for older kids.  
The first book takes place in September during Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. That’s when Weinstein got the idea to have one book for each month. “I thought, if I’m going to do one holiday, maybe I could do all the holidays,” she says. “Maybe I could tie it all together by doing the whole year.” She says for each month without a Jewish holiday, she will include a Jewish event of some kind, which is what November’s book includes.
In Hoopla Under the Huppah, Ellie and Joel are two of the huppah holders at their aunt’s wedding. However, one thing after another starts to go horribly wrong. Ellie becomes convinced she’s bad luck and worries she has angered an evil spirit. To find out what happens, be sure to pick up a copy and give it a read.