A New Dating App Is Trying to Change the Way People Find and Experience Love

Kailen Rosenberg is an architect for love.

Between Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, there is no shortage of dating apps in 2018. Thanks to the convenience offered by such platforms, potential partners are now just a swipe away. However, some worry the prevalence of such dating apps means genuine connection gets lost somewhere in between a swipe left and a swipe right. Enter The Lodge Social Club, a one-of-a-kind dating app created by Kailen Rosenberg aiming not only to help singles find compatible people but also to help them discover the truth of who they are—both within and outside of romantic relationships.

The Lodge is in its early stages, but Rosenberg is no newcomer to the dating industry. A former model turned life coach, she began working as a matchmaker in her early 20s. From there, her matchmaking business, The Love Architects, grew. Rosenberg is now among the most recognized figures in the dating industry—she’s given over 1000 interviews in major publications and on national television programs, has written a book, Real Love, Right Now, and hosted her own show, Lovetown USA, on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

The Lodge is an extension of the work Rosenberg has spent the last two decades doing: trying to change the way people find and experience romantic love. “What it’s really all about is a love movement—a true, energetic awakening for society and our planet. There’s too much divide and disconnect and pain,” she says. Though online dating has revolutionized the way people connect and form relationships, Rosenberg says it’s also caused new problems. “There are all these apps and hundreds of millions of singles out there online around the world. We’re more connected with more access to one another than ever before but screwing it up more than ever before—and feeling exhausted!” she explains.

Rosenberg’s app aims to remedy that exhaustion. It’s billed as the world’s only fully vetted, private, members-only singles club and dating app, and has been in beta since March. The vetting process, Rosenberg says, is to ensure people are who they say they are. “We’ll know if you’re married posing as single—that’s not going to fly,” she says.

Members are first vetted through the Real Reveal, co-designed by Rosenberg and dating experts Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt. (“They’re Oprah’s favorites,” Rosenberg says.) After taking the 86-question survey, users will find out if they’re an Ego Mate, a Soul Mate or a Life Mate—essentially, what level of a relationship they’re ready for. An algorithm will use the test results to match users with an ideal mate in the same stage of readiness—“the healthiest, most compatible match for you on your journey to love,” says Rosenberg.  

The bronze level of membership, currently free, grants access to the Real Reveal but profiles will state that bronze members aren’t criminally vetted. The gold level, $100 annually and then $60/month, adds a full criminal background check.

The Lodge also boasts an actual physical building, located in the Calhoun Beach Club Properties. From live tapings of Rosenberg’s podcast The Love Happy Hour to monthly boot camps, a wide array of special events will be held in the space. The Lodge team already has several major events under its belt, including pop-ups at this year’s New York City Fashion Week and Sundance Film Festival. “Everyone loves it, and nobody wants to leave—we always have to kick people out at the end of the night,” Rosenberg says.

As with much of new technology, there have been a few glitches in the early stages of the app, but “the complaints have been the most loving,” Rosenberg says, explaining that participants are happy to finally have a safe space for online dating. And despite initial glitches, “the most amazing people have signed up,” she says.

More than anything, Rosenberg says she wants the Lodge—whether members are browsing matches on their phone or chatting up someone new in the brick-and-mortar space—to be a refuge of sorts. “There’s nothing like this in the world.”