Morrissey’s Irish Pub is Your New Go-to St. Patrick’s Day Stop

Paul Crilly, owner of Uptown’s Morrissey’s irish Pub.

Ireland-native Paul Crilly moved to Minneapolis in 2001 to work with his “good friend Dermot Cowley at O’Donovan’s Irish Pub downtown.” He later worked at Kieran’s Irish Pub, and in 2013, when the opportunity presented itself, opened his own place, Morrissey’s Irish Pub. Crilly loves the Uptown location, saying the area is booming and they feel “proud to be a part of the community.” He also says Morrissey’s is the only Irish pub in Uptown, giving them a unique position in the neighborhood and bringing in a “diverse clientele of all ages.”

According to Crilly, St. Patrick’s Day festivities are much bigger in the U.S. than they are in Ireland. “There are a lot more Irish Americans than there are people in Ireland, and they are fiercely proud of their Irish roots,” he says. Morrissey’s features a full day of St. Patty’s Day music and fun. They hold an annual “Quest for the magical Morrissey’s Medallion,” in which teams, given five clues, hunt for a $500 prize hidden somewhere in Uptown. Beginning at 3 p.m. they have a lineup of bands, usually featuring four or five groups throughout the day. The fan favorite is the Minneapolis Police Pipe Band, which rolls through around six.

They serve a smaller menu on St. Patty’s Day, but still feature corned beef and cabbage as well as fish and chips, which Crilly says is “up there with the best in town.” The bar serves over 170 different whiskeys, and has 19 beers on tap, ready for your St. Patty’s indulgence.