Message in a Bottle

Aviv 613 Vodka captures the flavors and symbolism of the Holy Land.
Ask for the Aviv Orchard at Cooper Irish Pub during the month of December.

The story of local vodka company AVIV starts with its founder Marc Grossfield, who has strong roots in St. Louis Park. He grew up on the west side and graduated from St. Louis Park High School in 1975. He recently moved back to the Park, this time on the east side, just a few blocks from the company’s headquarters.

Grossfield created Aviv 613 Vodka after meeting a family of master vodka artisans who had been making vodka for generations in the holy town of Tzfat, Israel. The spirit is made from ingredients found in Israel, and are ripe with significance. Unlike most other vodkas, which are distilled from grain, Aviv is distilled from seven ingredients found in the Holy Land: wheat, barley, olives, figs, dates, grapes and pomegranates. The water in the vodka comes from the Sea of Galilee, and a portion of the sand used to create the sleek glass bottle comes from the Negev Desert.

The array of ingredients in Aviv vodka contributes to the liquor’s slightly sweet flavor, making it a good partner in mixed drinks—especially those made with fruit. One such cocktail, the Aviv Orchard, will be available at Cooper Irish Pub in St. Louis Park throughout the holiday season.

Cooper bar manager Stephen Runyon attests to the local vodka’s popularity: “It’s got a strong following from St. Louis Park.”

Runyon says the Aviv Orchard is a good companion to many types of food or can be served as a stand-alone cocktail. He suggests salads and seafoods as good pairings, calling the Orchard “very refreshing.“

The Aviv Orchard is served at Cooper Irish Pub.

The AVIV Orchard

1.5 oz. Aviv
Juice of 1/2 lime
Splash of orange liqueur
Fill with cranberry juice
Serve in a low-ball glass on the rocks with a lime wedge.