Make Old New Again with This Uptown Antique Shop

H&B Gallery is a treasure trove of classic, vintage home decor.

For 35 years, H&B Gallery has been a hidden gem in Uptown Minneapolis. Finding treasures among the antique furniture, art and home decor is always a given. Assistant manager Joe Kennedy says the owners bought the business to guarantee consignment options for those living in the city, and H&B has been living up to its word ever since.

While unique items are always entering the gallery and each day presents new experiences, Kennedy says the biggest surprises are always the “interesting items from nondescript places,” or something past owners have overlooked, which always end up selling for the most money. The unexpected items are always the most fun, according to Kennedy. “Someone once came in with a little silver box from a garage sale or thrift store that ended up being quite valuable—about 200 times what he paid,” Kennedy says.

And it’s the perfect place to find small ways to update your home. Kennedy says H&B’s contemporary
art selection is almost always popular with customers.
Although mahogany furniture isn’t selling as much as normal, traditional English antique furniture has a place in any home. These timeless pieces can pull a whole room together with their classic charm, and they are quite valuable.

As an added bonus, you have an item with history and character.

H&B Gallery
2730 Hennepin Ave. S., Mpls.