A Love Letter to Minneapolis from Eat Street

From Eat Street, With Love celebrates the flavors of Eat Street.
The flavors and stories of Eat Street come alive in this local cookbook.

Minneapolis’s Eat Street is a big name in the Twin Cities. When the marketing consultants at Zeus Jones moved into Whittier, they fell in love with the 17 blocks of delicious food. Thus, the cookbook From Eat Street, With Love was born.

“This cookbook was our way of getting to know our neighbors and giving back to the community we were about to become part of,” says Natalie Heisterkamp of Zeus Jones. “In order to help keep Eat Street’s current businesses thriving, we wanted to draw attention to the amazing food and owners behind them.” The book includes stories and recipes from many of the beloved eateries that make up this delicious hub.
Out of all the neighborhoods in the Twin Cities, one might wonder why Zeus Jones chose Whittier. For Heisterkamp, the answer seems clear: “We love that Whittier is a close-knit neighborhood, not just another city block. People who live and work in this community truly care about it and want to see it thrive,” she says. To Zeus Jones, the neighborhood felt like home and the process of creating From Eat Street, With Love allowed them to get to know the community even better.  

From Eat Street, With Love
Available online and in stores at Greater Goods, Magers & Quinn and Mia.