Learn to Macramé

Learn a new and useful skill among fellow creatives at Digs this winter.

Katie Koster, owner of Digs, which she refers to as a “one-stop shop for creativity,” knows how hard it can be to make time for yourself in the midst of a busy schedule. She also knows taking the time to learn new skills, enjoy yourself and be creative is incredibly important to a happy life. She encourages people to take a class; it allows you to include a little time for fun in your week-to-week schedule.

Looking to follow Koster’s advice? Digs offers a variety of classes that might be just what you need. For example, Digs has a beginner macramé class this month (in addition to sewing, crochet, knitting and embroidery), which allows students to make projects of their choosing—wall hangings or jewelry, for example—while learning the basics of macramé: knots, patterns and many potential uses of macramé in modern décor. Even more important, the class is enjoyable and open to anyone—no experience needed. Koster says many people use the Friday night class as a girl’s night opportunity, enjoying being creative with a group of friends. She describes the course instructor, Lauren, as “a fun-spirited Bohemian at heart” who strongly “encourages everyone’s creative spirit.” Class participants have a wonderful time and get to leave with an original piece they craft themselves. What could be better?