Jeff Liss’ Eye for Action Captures a Lake Harriet Scene

Local photographer shares the inspiration behind his winning photo.
First Place Activities & Events by Jeff Liss

Hobbyist photographer and St. Louis Park resident Jeff Liss took home the top prize in the Activities and Events  category of the Picture City South photo contest for his photo titled Practicing for Duck Season—his snapshot of a dog leaping gleefully into the gray-blue water at Lake Harriet. Liss used a Canon 5D Mark 3 with a 24i05 lens to capture this athleticism in action.

“My daughter and all of the kids were going to be taking pictures [for prom], so I got there early to cruise for pictures before shooting pictures of my daughter and her date,” Liss says. Not long after he arrived, Liss spotted a man with his dog, and inspiration struck.

“I knew I could get a good photo,” Liss says. “My instincts kicked in.”

The lucky shot wasn’t the only instance of serendipity that day. The man seen in the photo happened to be a photographer himself, and he and Liss had the opportunity to chat about their shared hobby.

“After I took the picture, he and his friend and his dog came over and they saw me taking pictures. I got his email, and I sent him a copy. We talked for a little while, and it was a real nice moment—both the photo and the talk. I think I inspired him a little,” Liss says.

But the moment was fleeting—Liss had more pressing responsibilities to attend to.

“I got good pictures of my daughter and her date,” he says of that evening.