June 2015 Saint Louis Park

In the June issue explore five of our favorite neighborhood parks, read local photographer Andrew Vick's thoughts on weddings and creativity and discover the best breakfasts in SLP.

What on earth can be happening here? Is Carole Banbury, Miss St. Louis Park 1959, trying to sell an oven to Little Leaguers Skip Miller and Greg Shea? No; the plot is more complicated.


The modern breakfast as we know it is only a century old. Prior to the 20th century, Americans would often have a quick, meatless bite to break their fast before heading out to work in the fields.


Community members gathered in April at the Rec Center to learn about sustainable-living strategies and initiatives from vendors and presenters.


St. Louis Park’s hallmark event of the summer is almost here—and this year, it’s bigger and better than ever.


When you first see the new two-story, cottage-style home in St. Louis Park’s Browndale neighborhood, you might be surprised to see a couple in their 70s smiling from the front porch.


A summer bucket list—what a fantastic idea! Or so we thought. Before we knew it, our family’s summer schedule had become a regimented list of museum visits, obligatory road trips and date nights at crowded restaurants.


Patricia Hauser and Jeff Dinsmore share strategies for bee-safe communities through their advocacy organization, Humming for Bees.


Acclaimed wedding photographer Andrew Vick is the owner of St.


After a family member passes away, loved ones take up the task of dealing with the estate. The process is usually a family affair—a bustle of siblings and relatives trying to figure out what is, or is not, a family heirloom.


Ten years ago, summer in St. Louis Park became even more fun. Bubblers appeared in the ground at Oak Hill Park. A small tree of buckets began dumping water at random intervals.


St. Louis Park Magazine takes a gondola ride! Ian Kees snapped this shot of his daughter Marin and friend Petra during a winter ski trip to Lutsen.


“Summer slide.” The term refers to the knowledge and skills kids lose over summer break. Research shows that kids’ test scores on the same material drop from the beginning of summer to the end, and math is the subject with the biggest drop.


Making St. Louis Park a better place just got a little bit easier. Last July, the city of St. Louis Park launched a smartphone app to better connect its residents to their government.


Last July, St. Louis Park business owner Keith Miller got some national attention. Bubbly Paws, Miller’s self-service dog wash company, had always used FedEx for its shipping and printing needs—and now, it was time for them to help FedEx.


Living in Minnesota means that taking advantage of the warm June weather should be at the top of your priority list. You’ve probably biked around Westwood Lake, enjoyed a dip at the aquatic park and jogged around your neighborhood, but there’s another option: Segways.