January 2019

Owners of Minneapolis cat cafe Cafe Meow sit at a table with two cats.

Café Meow brings cat lovers and café-goers together.

Jackie Walter, founder of Sprinkles & Confetti, holds a balloon, with a party happening in the background.

Jackie Walter spreads an infectious joy through her party business Sprinkles & Confetti.

An E Sports athlete holds a gaming headset.

St. Louis Park jumps ahead of the crowd in the newest sports trend.

Three students reading.

The Uptown Rotary Club still thinks reading is fun.

Eugenio Meschini and Teresa Thein Meschini, co-owners of Famiglia Meschini winery, enjoy a glass of their creation.

Think you have a long commute from your City South–area home? Just imagine running a vineyard in South America. It’s more than 5,000 miles to Argentina and this south Minneapolis family is making it work.

Members of a cooking club gather around a meal.

Pam McCarthy-Kern shares how starting a cooking club filled more than just the bellies of her group of friends.

Brooklyn Brewery's Black Chocolate Stout

This iconic Russian Imperial Stout has been a standout in the Brooklyn portfolio since it was first brewed in 1994.