January 2018 City South Magazine

In the January issue we're sharing a local tattoo and pircing shop guide for those in search of some new body art.

Photographer Jo Davis writes about her photo “Lucy” which won first place in the photo contest’s “Pets” category:


Friends, family and colleagues are making New Year’s resolutions left and right, most involving getting healthy. Before you hop on board and buy kale in bulk at Costco, check out these juice and smoothie joints around town.


On January 27 the Lake Harriet Kite Festival will celebrate its 17th year of wintry kite-flying fun.


Body art has come a long way toward gaining mainstream acceptance in the last 20 years.


When I stopped asking people to repeat what they’d said. At 60 years old, it was apparently too much work to even try to understand what I couldn’t hear.


This January, art will join the ice covering Lake Harriet. Art Shanty Projects presents its 2018 shanty village on the lake with artist-designed shanties and performance art.


It’s more than evident in the popularity of food, fitness and healthy lifestyle blogs: Many bloggers have a passion for health. But what does it take to rise above the blogging baseline and make money doing so?


Tim and Beth in the Pathways building. Inset: a Word Horse Coaching Card, part of a Pathways practice, including real horses, to "celebrate who you are and where you want to go."


Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) opens registration for a new session of continuing education classes on January 2. Looking to learn a new skill or take a class this new year?


Katie Koster, owner of Digs, which she refers to as a “one-stop shop for creativity,” knows how hard it can be to make time for yourself in the midst of a busy schedule.


Lois Donnay didn’t grow up dancing. In fact, she only discovered her love of dance in her 30s. Despite being single and worrying she’d need a dance partner, her friend convinced her to try it and she had an amazing time from the start.


Families of students bound for college in 2018: What if someone told you there’s an online platform where you can submit a single student profile to help you find scholarships?