January 2017 St. Louis Park Magazine

In the first issue of the new year find out where you can try global cuisine in SLP and celebrate the legacy of two local officers.

It’s about that time of year when we, in our frozen state, start to wish we were anywhere but here. Going on an international trip can be a bit out of our price range, though, so we came up with an alternative. Travel the world, via your plate. Here in St.


Finding fun ways to stay healthy and warm in the middle of a Minnesota winter can be a challenge. But St.


The new year arrives with new leadership in the St. Louis Park Police Department.


What do a popcorn kernel, a cheese grater, and a potato have in common? They have all made an appearance on local artist Brock Davis’s Instagram page.


Are you uncomfortable in a group setting? Feel awkward at the office? Want to come out of your shell? These are some of the reasons people give for wanting to take an acting class at St. Louis Park’s Harmony Theatre Co. and School, says improv instructor Matt Saxe.


For many high school students learning a foreign language, the selection is limited to Spanish, French and German. Not so for the 30 students enrolled in St. Louis Park High School’s Hebrew language program.


Relieve Stress: 20 Quick Techniques By Katrin Schubert


Howard and Marla Solender of St. Louis Park brought a copy of St. Louis Park Magazine along on their travels to Ladakh, India.

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The St. Louis Park home furnishings store Ciel Loft & Home has a new location, just across the street featuring its “urban farmhouse,” “modern industrial,” and “sophisticated rustic” vibe.


The Shelard Park neighborhood has added a small connection spot to help foster a sense of community.


The first time St. Louis Park resident Arne Fogel heard his own voice on the radio, he was 18 and hitchhiking. It was the first song the budding singer had recorded—and in a car full of strangers who had just picked him up, he pointed to the radio excitedly, saying, “That’s me!