April/May 2020

In our spring gardens and pets issue, we get book recommendations for urban agriculture, the story behind all those Little Free Libraries and more.

Due to the extenuating circumstances in our community during the creation of this issue, please note that some events/dates and even some business operations may have changed since these pages went to print.

Nonprofit organization Love Conquers Violence hosted the annual Bags for Nat gathering to raise awareness and funds to prevent domestic violence. The Beissel family is committed to the important cause in remembrance and honor of their loved one, Natalie. 

A meat pie from Quebracho.

Quebracho Charcuterie & Pies is bringing Argentinian flavors to diners looking for a unique dining experience.

Two bicyclists ride around Bde Maka Ska at sunset on a spring day.

Throughout the year, we feature photos from our 2019 Picture City Lakes photo contest.

Local artist Jolynn Dicke holds a handful of paintbrushes.

South Minneapolis resident Jolynn Dicke combines her love of animals and the arts.

Giulia chef Josh Hedquist

We sampled Giulia's northern Italian cuisine and spoke with head chef Josh Hedquist.

A volunteer from Reading Partners reads with a child.

Reading Partners is narrowing the achievement gap one student at a time.

Margret Aldrich, author of The Little Free Library Book

If you've ever taken a walk through a south Minneapolis neighborhood, you’ve almost certainly encountered a Little Free Library.

Children's boutique Baby Grand

Baby and children’s boutique Baby Grand finds its new location in St. Louis Park.

No bake oat nut bars from Greens N Chocolate

Stock your snack bin or refrigerator with these homemade snacks.

My Pet Chicken Handbook and Gaia's Garden

For our gardening and pets issue, Christine Utz of Magers & Quinn’s sales and outreach team offers book recommendations for those who want to learn more about permaculture and organic gardening, and for aspiring raisers of backyard chickens.

A lunch bag illustration modeled after "Where the Sidewalk Ends"

Kristin Cook and Ross Teichner have turned handwritten notes that they send along with their kids’ lunches into an art form.

Beers from Disgruntled Brewing, Wild Mind Ales, Drastic Measures and Brewing Projekt

With spring holidays around the corner, if you plan on bringing beverages to any special gathering, consider purchasing beer brewed by some of these regional breweries.