April 2014

In the April issue of St. Louis Park Magazine, you'll find some our favorite spring dishes in our Restaurants section. Plus, you'll get the lowdown on St. Louis Park gifts for moms, dads and grads, and look inside The Park's community gardens. Grab a copy today.

Check out the great snaps from this year's event, courtey of staff photographer Tate Carlson.


Mary Dillon of St. Louis Park was enjoying her morning walk when she found herself struck by this image. “The balance of the daisies with the surrounding greens and the little yellow bug just looked like a nice summer morning,” she says.


“Seasonal” is getting pretty tired as a culinary buzzword. The idea of seasonal food is really nothing new. In the fabled “back then,” people had no choice but to eat seasonally, because what was in season was the only thing available. It is old wisdom repackaged as a brilliant new trend.


At its February 1 fundraising gala, Amos and Celia Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School recognized Andrew and Lynne Redleaf for their commitment to HJMDS. All photos by Jeffrey Schmieg Photography.


It’s not easy to find authentic and unique fast food; this challenge was Yamah Sadozai’s inspiration for opening Ariana Kabob and Gyro Bistro, a restaurant featuring one-of-a-kind recipes and home cooking at a fast-food pace.


Community gardens provide a creative way for St. Louis Park residents to gather and celebrate the outdoors together. These gardens also supply bountiful baskets of produce and beautify the city with flowers.


Spring is the time to celebrate some of the most cherished people in our lives.


As much as television and films want us to believe an alternate reality, the fact is that most high school freshmen will never be stuffed in a locker, given a swirly or terrorized by what looks like a 30-year-old goon in a leather jacket.


Diane Pecoraro, a 35-year resident of St. Louis Park, has been a poet for as long as she can remember. “It started when I was about 11 or 12,” she says.


Moving into a new home is an exciting step for all families; Congregation Darchei Noam, now marking the first year in their new synagogue on Joppa Avenue, is very much a growing and thriving family.


In 2003, Dan Avi started Total Lawn Care Plus. Avi, a successful personal trainer in the metro, had previously owned a yard work business in Israel. “He loves being outside and had lots of good ideas,” says his wife, Dolly.


Whether informing citizens about severe weather, such as the strong storms that pummeled St.


Francis Spufford’s novel Red Plenty is about dream and reality in the Soviet Union of the late 1950s; Communism had already turned a peasant nation into an industrialized superpower, which lacked political freedom but had won World War II and seemed destined for ever-increasing prosperity.


With patio season just around the corner, it may be time to update those wicker tables and chairs. According to Steve Maloney, co-owner of Woody’s Furniture, rattan is the material for outdoor furniture this season.


Entrepreneur Stacey Finnegan knows business. And fashion. The owner of MINQ Boutique in the Shops at West End is not only a style maven, but an organizational development guru, too; she’s an owner and consultant at Finnegan Consulting Partners.