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A graphic showing ways to support your community during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

As concerns about COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, spread across the globe, community members right here in City Lakes are stepping up.

The skincare professionals at Aesthetica Skin Health and Wellness Clinic want to give each client an experience that caters to their specific needs.

Biting cold and icy sidewalks are just two hallmarks of Minnesota winters runners are happy to leave behind this spring.

If you’re in need of some pampering after a long, cold winter, look to Spa Oro Blanco, run by Cassondra Bertrand in buzzing Uptown.

It’s a cold and wet night but the community room in Colonial Acres is warm, bright and filled with beautiful singing by a choir, led by director Melissa Warhol, called the Methodaires.

According to Mollie Krengel, each of us is born with a beat inside us.

“It’s our mission to provide healthy, affordable food to build happier and healthier communities,” says Becca Rowe, regional marketing coordinator for Fresh Thyme Farmers Market.

Even those who don’t normally wear jerseys on game days understand the importance of Super Bowl Sunday—if only to watch multi-million-dollar commercials, the halftime show and eat some fried food. But this year is different. It’s in our town. While most of us can’t afford tickets to U.S.

Looking for obstacles in your fitness training? In a novel “obstacle race course meets group fitness studio crossover,” Life Time St. Louis Park is now offering an intense and unique training program called Spartan Strong.

There’s a new book in town featuring our town—Minneapolis—along with 49 other great U.S. cities, in a format sure to please the atlas/map/fun-fact lover in your household. “We wanted it to be in a form where you could dip in and dip out,” says author Gabrielle Balkan.

Annie Richman is tall and strong and everything about her seems balanced, fitting for the practice of Pilates, a method of exercise emphasizing core strength and muscle balance. In her 20s, Richman’s work as a cosmetologist led to serious back pain.