Groves Gala 2016

  • David Fink (keynote speaker) and John Alexander (head of school at Groves Academy)
  • Fred Schilling and Deb Hamilton
  • Ann and Terry Teynor
  • Kara and Dave Therkelsen
  • Annie Gillette Cleveland, Darryl Sellers and Rebecca Gillette
  • Marty and Marti Schuster
  • Laura and Janet Sass
  • Dream Big!
  • Amy and Rob Stolpestad
  • Nancy Madson and Gail Kenton
  • Randy Zats and Ellen Hertz
  • Scott and Katey Taylor
  • Tommy, Peter and Julie Johns
  • Jon and Deborah Sundal, Steve Ruedisili, Lisa Boes, John Ross and Anne Harbison
  • Groves Academy seniors: Anthony Giere, Cullan Vavrus and Bobby Plourde