Go Green with Tare Market, Minnesota's First Zero Waste Store

Tare Market co-founders Amber Haukedahl and Kate Marnach
Tare Market strives for zero waste shopping and education.

Are you the kind of person who brings your own grocery bags to the store and tries not to use straws, but you never feel like you’re doing enough for the environment? If so, Tare Market, a package-free and refill store, is the next place you should go to shop.

Amber Haukedahl first got the idea for Tare when she attended a class at the Seward Coop in 2017. “I thought I knew everything there was to know about the environment, but in that class, I really learned about waste. I learned that it’s a huge problem and it’s a humanitarian problem. That’s when I went zero-waste,” she says.

“Immediately, I wanted to change the way I lived, but I found it was difficult to do that locally. I could go across town and get food at the coop. I could bring my own container to the coop, but I couldn’t even find a bamboo toothbrush, or reusable face wipes or deodorant that doesn’t come in plastic. I was ordering these things online and often they were coming in plastic packaging and were shipped from far away and it felt like it was defeating the purpose.

“I was frustrated and I kept thinking that someone needs to open a local store. And then eventually I realized, well I’m somebody! I was very passionate about it. I started an online store and a blog, then did pop-up shops, then opened the store with my partner Kate,” says Haukedahl.

Tare wants to stock the products that people most commonly use, says Haukedahl. “We formulate our store based on what people say they need and want. A lot of women say they want cosmetics because they come in so much plastic. We have bulk eye shadow, blush and reusable compacts,” she says. Some of Tare’s other products are household goods like cleaning supplies, toys and decorations.

“We want to be a space for the community, so if people have things they want to use in their everyday lives, we encourage them to come in and chat with us about ways they can reduce waste. We’re not just a retail shop. We want to be a place where people can ask questions and learn more,” says Haukedahl.

Tare Market
2717 E. 38th St., Mpls.