Giving Back: Joyce Uptown Foodshelf Welcomes Cash Donations

In the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, one in eight children is at risk of hunger. In fact, 56 percent of food shelf visitors are families with children. Joyce Uptown Foodshelf works to make a difference. They have been serving the Southwest Minneapolis area since 1969. In 2016 alone, they gave away 207,703 pounds of food. Chair Karin Schurrer-Erickson states that their mission is to provide nutritious food for those with a need. “Everyone wants to contribute to society,” she says, “but people need to be fed well in order to do that.”

Many donations come from local businesses, faith groups and scout troops, with Uptown Rotary providing weekly volunteers for more than 30 years. Money is preferred over food for donations because for every dollar given, $2.20 of food can be purchased. Donations can be made by mail or by visiting their website.