Get Your Horror On

Washburn librarian Ginger Gomes suggests great and horrible October reads.

The Twenty Days of Turin by Giorgio De Maria, 2017

This mesmerizing work of literary horror creates a growing sense of cosmic menace during a series of bizarre deaths.  (First English translation of 1977 Italian classic.)
Nightmares : A New Decade of Modern Horror
edited by Ellen Datlow, 2016

As 24 of the best horror stories from 2005-15, these tales represent the breadth of horror from psychologically chilling to all-out terrifying. A great representation of what readers can expect from horror today.

Black Mad Wheel by Josh Malerman, 2017

Since Philip and his mates were in the U.S. Army band before they became rock darlings, the army asks them if, as musicians, they would investigate a sound coming out of the African desert. This story is unpredictable and bizarre in all the best ways. Fans of off-the-wall fiction will enjoy this, and horror fans would do well to pick it up for some truly petrifying moments.
Ginger Gomes