Explore Minneapolis’ Public Art with the Click of a Button

Water of the Dodem Spirits by Peter Morales

Madeline Hudek, geographic information systems technician for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, along with Talia Moorman, public art coordinator and city planner, have worked together to curate an interactive map of public art scattered around Minneapolis. Now, exploring the city’s collection can be done from the comfort of your own home with the help of the Minneapolis Public Art Tours, found on the city’s website. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has partnered with the City of Minneapolis to curate self-guided tours of the public art decorating our city, spearheaded by Hudek and Moorman.

“Not many people know where artwork is,” says Moorman. “Maybe they have specific ones they go past, but they don’t know what it is or who made it.” With the art tours, a map of the mini apple  is broken up geographically, with bubbles popping up where you can find the works of art. Southwest Minneapolis boasts more than 77 individual pieces including Top Dog by Kyle Fokken, a painted sculpture of a dapper-looking dog wearing a top hat and standing atop a large “linkage arm” like those formally used by locomotives to keep drive wheels in sync. The piece is one of Moorman’s favorites, and it is located on the corner of 29th and Aldrich.

“I really enjoy having art that’s available for the public to enjoy,” Moorman says. “There’s not as much of a barrier as a museum has.”

One of Hudek’s favorite pieces  is Circle of Vision, an interactive sculpture in North Minneapolis’ Farview Park. “The city of Minneapolis is going to continue to add artwork as it’s commissioned,” Hudek says. “If [other cities] wanted to join in or copy our tours, it would be possible.”