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Solo performances by Laryssa Husiak, Mitsu Salmon and Christine Shallenberg

Triple Heartbeat is an evening of three solo interdisciplinary performance works exploring themes of nature, ritual, and family. The works blend storytelling, dance, text, and voice and are shared as an exchange between Chicago and Minneapolis. The three artists - Laryssa Husiak, Christine Shallenberg, and Mitsu Salmon - have known each other for nearly half their lives but this is the first time they are all performing together in an event.

Trance in Botany is a performative lecture by Mitsu Salmon about the work of her great-grandfather, Ryozo Kanehira. He was a well-known botanist from Japan, who did extensive work in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation. The piece plays with the form of the lecture with fracture narrative, voice, and movement. The piece investigates the study of trees as connected to family, the body, and the complexities of imperialism. 

Songs of Private, Everyday Life is an exploration of traditional Ukrainian folk songs, sung in a contemporary context. Husiak, who is of Ukrainian descent, reflects on the lyrics of these songs and harmonizes with recordings of Ukrainian elders in an effort to connect the past to present and find shared meaning today.

Re-wind Cycle is a performance solo of energetic expressions as they are carried by the air. Created and performed by Chicago-based artist Christine Shallenberg, Re-wind Cycle describes a current of breath using original songs, a copper pipe, and an infinity symbol pathway washed onto the floor. With each inhale and exhale, the cycle repeats. Wind and weather patterns, flight, and the search for a voice all dance together in this playful ritual of elements embodied. 

Friday, September 20 at 7:00pm (doors at 6:00) $10-$15 sliding scale

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Friday, September 20 at 7:00pm (doors at 6:00)
$10-$15 sliding scale