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Equal Pay Day is the symbolic day that marks the point in the year at which women's earnings will finally “catch up” to what men earned in the previous year alone. This year, April 2nd signified how far women collectively needed to work into 2019 to catch up to what men were paid in 2018. Because black women face an even larger wage gap, they need to work until August 22, 2019, to match what men earned the previous year, representing a 39% pay gap. Regardless of their occupation, level of education, or years of experience, black women are still paid less. The time for change is now.

On Black Women's Equal Pay Day, join us to hear from black women at the top of their fields share why closing the pay gap is important to them, how they advocate for their own career advancement, and what concrete steps individuals, managers and decision makers can take to implement the necessary changes to close this gap. We invite you to join us on Thursday, August 22 to honor black entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and advocates leading in their careers and the charge for equal pay.


Tamara L. Stark, Senior Director of Housing and Youth Development at Tubman

Tamara Stark leads efforts to build comprehensive approaches to enhance the well-being of people in housing, shelters, community-based programs, and schools. Her work is dedicated to advancing the leadership of historically underrepresented groups.


Seena Hodges, Founder + CEO, The Woke Coach

Through The Woke Coach™, Seena engages with clients to facilitate conversations and complete projects that live at the intersection of equity, diversity, inclusion, education and empowerment. The company’s mission is to help individuals deepen their analysis and develop an understanding around issues of racism, bias, and injustice in order to help them become the best, most understanding, and empathetic version of themselves.

Angel Carroll, Sr. Corporate Account Manager, Land O'Lakes, Inc. & Owner, Tyke Invite

Angel Carroll is a sales leader at Land O’Lakes, Inc. driving strategic, collaborative partnerships with key customers. She is also the owner of Tyke Invite, the Twin Cities’ first pop-up play service for events hosting children under 5-years old.

Kenya McKnight Ahad, President & CEO, Black Women’s Wealth Alliance

Kenya McKnight Ahad serves as an economic transformational leader, who has worked with more than 400 micro businesses and more than 2,000 Black women on community wealth building across the areas of business, home ownership, wealth literacy, wellness and personal development.

All women and their advocates (including men and gender nonconforming individuals) and allies are encouraged to attend and support this cause. We invite individuals, managers and decision-makers to attend.

Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds for this event. Contact for more information.

The Details
Thursday, August 22, 6 - 8 pm