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Spring Botanical Centerpiece Workshop

Celebrate spring by creating a custom living centerpiece to enjoy inside  while waiting for garden season weather! Beautiful spring petite plants, succulents, mosses, and botanical elements are the focal points you’ll use in this fun workshop! Instructors will provide design guidance, planting steps, and advice for care and maintenance. Your workshop fee includes plants, container, and other materials, along with the use of tools during the workshop and instruction. Complimentary beverage of choice included.  Read more about Spring Botanical Centerpiece Workshop

Gather & Plant: Houseplant Experience

Join us on Saturday, March 21st, and Sunday, March 22nd,  for our March Houseplant Experience! It’s a great time to add houseplants- you can enjoy tending for a plant while waiting for garden season weather. Our wide array of houseplants ensures you’ll find the perfect new plant for your home, whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or houseplant newbie. No sign-up required, open house style. Read more about Gather & Plant: Houseplant Experience

Gather & Plant: Terrarium Workshop

Join us for our new workshop, where you’ll create a mini landscape - with a succulent terrarium! Learn how to create a low maintenance ecosystem with a unique design. Terrariums are a fun way to incorporate multiple plants in a self-contained bowl that will look fantastic in your home. With Tangletown-grown mini succulents (grown at our farm, chemical free!), as well as botanical and decorative elements, your terrarium can be personalized to create your perfect mini garden. Read more about Gather & Plant: Terrarium Workshop

Minneapolis Home + Garden Show

Browse through over a hundred vendors all under one roof at this year’s Home + Garden show. Check out the featured gardens designed by seven of Minnesota’s top landscapers and shop the Garden + Outdoor Market. Ask the experts and compare the latest in styles and techniques. All ages. 952.933.3850 Read more about Minneapolis Home + Garden Show

Gather & Plant: Kokedama Made With Love Workshop

We love the idea of gifting an experience for Valentine's day- so grab your BFF or significant other and us for this fun, hands-on workshop! Led by Tangletown designers, you will create your very own kokedama, a Japanese word that simply translated, means “moss ball.”  

These botanical bases made of moss and soil serve as a home for a unique tropical plant or succulent of your choosing, and work wonderfully as hanging plants or decoratively placed on a surface. Read more about Gather & Plant: Kokedama Made With Love Workshop

Gather & Plant: Mini Moss Wall Art Workshop

We have been installing moss walls for clients, and now we are excited to bring the experience to you! Join us on Saturday, 2/1 at 11am, for our first Mini Moss Wall Art workshop. Learn how to construct a piece of moss art- using a variety of preserved mosses and unique, permanent botanical elements. Led by Tangletown designers, you’ll enjoy creating a textured piece of botanical art for your home, and bring greenery into your space in a new and creative way. Read more about Gather & Plant: Mini Moss Wall Art Workshop

Winter Flower Show

When the cold and the snow get to be too much, head to Como Zoo Conservatory. Experience a living bouquet of brilliant, jewel-toned blossoms from Jan 18–March 31 to remind yourself that while spring is just around the corner, things can bloom even in the most unlikely of seasons. All ages. 651.487.8201 Read more about Winter Flower Show


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