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The Rinky Dink Show: Rinky Dink Distracts You From Everything!

The world is a series of ever growing dumpster fires. No, seriously. Look around you. There's one there, one over there, two back there, and one in-between that vaping hut and organic pet food kiosk. Ain't nobody got time for that. Let the savviest comedy troupe in town make you forget about all that, at least for 80-90 minutes depending on applause breaks with sketch, song, stand-up, and some serious silly, slightly off-center. Read more about The Rinky Dink Show: Rinky Dink Distracts You From Everything!

Story Club Minneapolis

Story Club Minneapolis is a live monthly storytelling show featuring both an open mic segment and a curated set of performers from all over the Twin Cities arts scene and beyond. Story Club showcases true, autobiographical stories -- especially stories that are bold, vulnerable, unexpected, and connected to the complexity of our cultural environment. No two Story Club evenings are ever alike, but each month when we wrap up the show, we feel like we’ve witnessed a new, unique little community coming together.  Read more about Story Club Minneapolis

Arbeit Opera Theatre Presents 'The Rape of Lucretia'

Arbeit Opera Theatre (AOT) presents a new production of Benjamin Britten's poignant opera The Rape of Lucretia during Women's History Month alongside Community Partners Women's Advocates, Violence Free MN, and Advocates for Human Rights.

The Rape of Lucretia was the first of Britten’s chamber operas and is based upon the ancient Roman tragedy of Lucretia. The story unfolds during a time of war when Rome is ruled by an Etruscan King who ascended to power through force. It is in this hostile society that Lucretia’s body is used as a tool for political ambition and power. Read more about Arbeit Opera Theatre Presents 'The Rape of Lucretia'

The Hourglass Series

The Hourglass Series comes to Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater the first Wednesdays of the month starting in February. Pop-Up Improv is joined by guest performers each night rounding out a star-studded cast of improvisers. It will be an evening of spontaneous new work that audiences can’t miss. Read more about The Hourglass Series

MOTH Written by Declan Greene

This 90 minute play follows Sebastian and Claryssa, two friends brought together by their mutual misfit status. They take a warped journey through their past, re-living their most horrifying memories. This play isn’t your standard kitchen-sink drama– it’s more like a wild fever dream on a playground. Read more about MOTH Written by Declan Greene

One Voice Mixed Chorus presents Bayard Rustin: The Man Behind the Dream

Join One Voice in honoring the life and work of gay, African American civil rights activist Bayard Rustin with The Man Behind the Dream, a commissioned work that tells the story of Rustin’s early years growing up as a Quaker, singer, athlete and activist who became a mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and organizer of the 1963 March on Washington. Composer Steve Milloy uses two story-guides, the full chorus, and a 5-piece band to chronicle Rustin’s influence on Dr. King’s strategy of peaceful protest and pays tribute to current day activists. Read more about One Voice Mixed Chorus presents Bayard Rustin: The Man Behind the Dream

Art Shanty Projects

Come out to Lake Harriet to explore a village of ice houses-turned-art studios. With over 150 artists and more than 20 shanties, let your imagination run wild across the ice as you explore the make-shift village. Watch performances, interact with resident artists and get in on the creative action yourself. All ages. 612.567.6844 Read more about Art Shanty Projects


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