Editor's Pick for the Best Burger in South Minneapolis

Lake & Irving's cheeseburger, our editor's pick for the best burger in south Minneapolis
A special pick for the food & wine issue.

I have lived in the City South area for enough time to develop favorite haunts. I have favorite coffee shops, favorite cocktail bars, favorite stores and favorite restaurants (and favorite servers at those restaurants). But when I think of my favorite of all favorites, I think of the cheeseburger at Lake & Irving Restaurant & Bar.

This burger has two patties of tender Pat LaFrieda beef, layered with cheese that practically melts into the burger. It’s topped with their secret sauce – and it’s good it’s a secret because I would put it on everything. The surprising final element is the glistening brioche bun. It’s soft, but not so soft that it falls apart under the weight of the burger. It’s the perfect accent to the buttery burger. Yes, you’ll need some napkins and yes, it’s worth it.

Excuse me while I place my order.