Dream Works

One woman connects dreams, creativity and spiritual healing.

Sheila Asato is a woman of many passions, foremost among them dreamworking, as a means of tapping into an individual’s creativity and potential for spiritual healing. Although she could undoubtedly talk about this topic for days, she had the impossible task of explaining her life’s work in a few sentences.

“Dreaming is our most creative state of consciousness because we’re not constrained by the bounds of rational thinking,” she says. Asato mainly works with three types of dreamer: those seeking a creative experience, people dealing with a health crisis and people undergoing a major life transition.

“To be human is to be creative,” says Asato. For people wishing to tap into their creativity, she uses a method called “dream incubation” in which she assists the subject in purposefully dreaming about something happening in their waking life.
“If it’s anything that’s emotionally relevant, your dreams are already working on it,” she says.