Dining Out

Going out for happy hour in St. Louis Park, it’s very likely you and your coworkers will bring up Rojo Mexican Grill at the West End. “We’re known for our great margaritas and awesome happy hour, and our patio in the summer is top-notch,” manager Matt Linse says.

We can thank Shakespeare for giving us “salad days” to refer to the time of our youth and inexperience—but for this story, we can thank ancient Latin. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “salad goes back to the Latin sal—salt.

The Loop, a popular restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, opened its new location at the Shops at West End in May. The self-proclaimed “fun, fresh and local” eatery was looking to expand its reach and found the perfect home in St.

We’d all like to think that we’re top-notch home chefs. Unfortunately, most of us come up against difficult situations when we try complicated dishes. Have you ever struggled with bread dough that just won’t rise? How about soggy tempura when the frying oil didn’t get hot enough?

The Brits call it a “safari supper.” To us, it’s a progressive dinner, which means enjoying a meal with friends in stages, in various homes—sort of like a potluck, only you go to the food instead of the other way around.

“Seasonal” is getting pretty tired as a culinary buzzword. The idea of seasonal food is really nothing new. In the fabled “back then,” people had no choice but to eat seasonally, because what was in season was the only thing available. It is old wisdom repackaged as a brilliant new trend.

It’s not easy to find authentic and unique fast food; this challenge was Yamah Sadozai’s inspiration for opening Ariana Kabob and Gyro Bistro, a restaurant featuring one-of-a-kind recipes and home cooking at a fast-food pace.

As the great Tom Jones sang, “It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone …” We believe it’s not unusual to think outside the sugar box when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, so we’ve collected some not-so-traditional treats just as deserving of love as a box of chocolates.

Ever since it opened in 1957, Beek’s Pizza has been the place to go for great local pizza. Owner Mari Anderson thinks Beek’s success lies in its commitment to tradition.

’Tis the season to be eating, fa la la la la . . . wait, does that mean it’s also the season to be cooking? Not necessarily.